Formax Hyper-Kick (Silver Edition) 15 ml

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Formax Hyper-Kick (Silver Edition) 15 ml
● Instant arousal and excitement
● Incredible lustful sensation
● Intense & lasting longer orgasm

● High concentrate
● Extreme formula
● Mega pellet
● Fresh & potent
● Ultra strong effect

Unleash your kinks and arouse the beast!
Get ready for maximum stimulation with our strong erotic scent ! Its incredible scent will give you the best intense pleasure so that you can enjoy the best sensations in bed. Whether during solo play, foreplay, bdsm or any backdoor activities, it will suppress your inhibitions so you can fulfill any and all fantasies you have!

Get comfy and open the bottle. After a few seconds, the erotic scent will fill the room and wake your sexual fantasies.

Made from the strongest, freshest and purest quality, you will get maximum arousal for instant sexual gratification.

To store your aroma more efficiently, keep them in the fridge, avoid sunlight and warm places. After taking it out of the fridge, wait 5 minutes for the aroma to adapt to the room temperature. Tighten and store it back in the fridge after used. The brand new security cap prevents air and liquid from evaporating, meaning your aroma will stay fresh for a longer time.

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